CFA Society Sydney is a member society of CFA Institute. CFAS is a member-focused organisation, run by a group of dedicated volunteers elected by the members. Our society is an association of local investment professionals engaged in a wide variety of roles including corporate finance, portfolio management, security analysis and investment advice.  We aim to promote the highest ethical and professional standards within the investment industry; we encourage professional development through the CFA program and continuing education; we facilitate the exchange of information and ideas within our local investment community and beyond and we work to further the recognition of the CFA designation and what it stands for.

Latest CFAS News

  • CFA launches ESG guide for investment professionals +

    November 2015 : CFA Institute has added an environmental, social and governance (ESG) guide for investment professionals to its expanding library of Codes, Standards and Guidelines. The Guide was developed in response to growing interest among investment professionals to better incorporate ESG issues in investment analysis, and serves as a comprehensive introduction to ESG considerations.

    CFA Society Sydney president, Anthony Serhan , said "Awareness of ESG issues in investing from energy efficiency to employee relations to bribery and corruption has grown substantially in the last decade." Noting that how these issues impact investment management is still not well understood he added that "the Guide provides a clear explanation of ESG risks and opportunities, debunks common myths and helps investors better understand and evaluate social and environmental issues to make better decisions."

    Abstract (full paper below) : The practice of considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in investing has evolved significantly from its origins in the exclusionary screening of listed equities on the basis of moral values. A variety of methods are now being used by both value-motivated and values-motivated investors in considering ESG issues across asset classes. For investment professionals, a key idea in the discussion of ESG issues is that systematically

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  • CFA Sydney - Annual Report 2014/15 +

            Annual Report 2014/15



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  • More than 14,500 Pass Level III CFA Exam globally, +

    Sydney, 12 August 2015 – CFA Societies of Australia, member societies of CFA Institute , the global association of investment professionals, today announced that 53 per cent of the 27,468 candidates who sat for the Level III CFA exam in June 2015 had passed their third and final exam . The 14,664 successful candidates will become CFA charterholders in early October, pending experience and membership requirements.

    Mr Anthony Serhan, CFA , President of CFA Society of Sydney, called on investment professionals to promote the highest standards of education and professional conduct and advocate for policy and thought leadership that benefits investors and the community at large.

    “Investors have the right to be served by ethical professionals who act as stewards of their investments,” said Mr Serhan. “As professionals and through their dedication and commitment to the CFA Program and the CFA’s Code of Standards and Ethics, today’s successful candidates join us in our pursuit to build professionalism, raise standards and prove the value of the investment profession. As an industry, we can make a difference if we all work together to nurture a culture of ethical behavior, investor protection and market integrity.”

    CFA Societies Australia - CFA Program 2015 Pass Rates Released

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  • Financial regulators ‘asking the wrong question’ +

    Sydney, 21 May 2015 : The focus on financial stability above all else may be leading governments and regulators to lose sight of what regulation should really be about, namely protecting investors and consumers, according to a leading global investment expert.

    Speaking yesterday at a breakfast organised by the CFA Institute as part of its ' Putting Investors First ' (PIF) month, Mr Anthony Neoh QC, SC , who is on the international advisory committee of the China Securities spoke about global trends in financial regulation, outlining a number of successful global initiatives, but also highlighting oversights by regulators that have become apparent since the global financial crisis (GFC).

    According to Mr Neoh, regulators in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom may have different rules, but ultimately they are all working to the same template and agenda, that of the stability of the financial system. Click here for full media release.

    To see a video replay of Tony's talk, please use the link below:

    The CFA Institute's Role in the Global Agenda


    A synopsis of the talk is provided in the link below: 

    Global Trends in Financial Regulation - Synopsis of speech by Tony Neoh


    For more info on advocacy in

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  • Ethics is critical to building a world-class financial services industry +

    The CFA community is a global association of over 120,000 investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence. We are a champion for ethical behaviour in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. Our ultimate goal is to serve the greater good of the community by creating an environment where investors’ rights come first, markets function at their best and economies grow.

    In Australia, there are more than 2,200 charter holders in professional positions ranging right across our industry from fund managers and analysts to accountants and financial advisers. Our charter holders include some of the most highly-regarded members of the financial services industry in our country

    On behalf of CFA charter holders across Australia, our local societies are seeking greater engagement and partnership with regulators and government bodies across Australia. See the link below for on the recent submission to the Australian Treasury:

    Treasury Submission


    For more info on the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, please use the link below: 

    Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct


    For more info on advocacy in Australia, please visit the Advocacy website at: 

    CFA Societies Australia Advocacy Website


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  • Financial services employers urged to address confidence issue with ethical leadership +

    The financial services industry in Australia is at a turning point and the crisis of trust must be addressed now, with leadership from the top. So says CFA Institute, the leading global association of investment professionals, which today applauded the role of government, regulators and the media in applying pressure to the industry, and highlighting gaps and challenges that CFA charterholders have been raising for years.

    According to Anthony Serhan, President, CFA Society of Sydney, while reforms such as Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) have improved transparency, legislation alone is never enough to guarantee that all investment professionals will act in their clients’ best interests. 

    “What we really need is a multi-layered approach, by which I mean complementing legislation with other ways of ensuring that high ethical principles and professional standards inculcate the culture of our industry”, Mr Serhan said.

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    For more info on, visit the Advocacy website at: 

    CFA Societies Australia Advocacy Website


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  • Investment leaders cite interest rates, emerging markets as key in 2015 +

    Australian investment leaders and their global colleagues are united when it comes to expectations about oil prices and the most favourable global equity markets in 2015, but are at odds about the importance of interest rates, world GDP and emerging market economies. This is according to CFA Institute, the world's leading association of investment professionals, following the release today of the Australian results of its 2015 Global Market Sentiment Survey.

    "The similarities and differences between global and local respondents' views on the same issues are in some cases very revealing," said Anthony Serhan, President, CFA Society of Sydney. "Certainly they can help investment leaders gain a clearer picture of what to expect in 2015, both near to home and globally".

    Global Perspective on Risk by region

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  • CFAS Charterholder Ceremony 2014 Photos +

    CFAS is proud to have hosted the 2014 CFAS Charteholder Ceremony at the Ivy in December.

    New charter holders were congratulated by incoming CFAS President, Anthony Serhan and past president Emilio Gonzalez. The compère for the event was Jim Savage who also received a lifetime mebership award for his tireless efforts on behalf of the CFA Society of Sydeny.

    As part of the ceremony, we have taken a number of pictures and they have been uploaded to our website and these are available via the link below.

    CFAS Photo Gallery

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  • CFA Societies Australia - Australian asset managers urged to adopt CFA Institute’s Professional Code on Ethics +

    15 May 2014, Sydney – More Australian asset managers should commit to global standards that outline the ethical and professional responsibilities of firms that manage assets on behalf of clients.

    In the wake of high-profile investment scandals during the global financial crisis (GFC), the need for asset managers to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to high standards of ethical and professional conduct is paramount.

    The Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct ("the code") was developed by the CFA Institute to enable organisations to commit to the same high standards required of individual CFA Charterholders.

    "The initiative aims to encourage asset managers to commit to fairness and integrity in their dealing with investors and the broader financial community," said Anthony Serhan, Managing Director, Research Strategy, Asia-Pacific at Morningstar and Vice President of CFA Society of Sydney.

    "In Australia, as part of Investor First Week, we are encouraging Australian firms to commit to higher ethical standards in client relationships by signing up to the code," said Mr Serhan. For more information and a list of events, please view the full press release using the link below.

    CFA Societies Australia - Australian asset managers urged to adopt CFA Institute's Professional Code on Ethics

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  • CFA Societies Australia - Australia focuses on investors’ rights +

    29 April 2014, Sydney – CFA Societies Australia will be highlighting the importance of putting investors' interests first during its upcoming Investor First Week from 12 – 16 May.

    Investor First Week is part of CFA Institute's global Future of Finance initiative, a long-­-term effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-­-thinking financial industry that better serves society. The initiative aims to provide the tools to motivate and empower the world of finance to commit to fairness, improved understanding, and personal integrity. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland will join more than 50 cities around the world, where CFA societies representing more than 35,000 investment professionals will mark the global initiative during May.

    During Investor First Week, CFA Societies Australia will be focusing on several constructive initiatives in the Australian market to improve standards and safeguard investors' rights, including a code of conduct for asset managers, and a statement of investor rights. For more information and a list of events, please view the full press release using the link below.

    CFA Societies Australia - Australia focuses on investors’ rights


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